StoneCarpet® installation process

All the quartz stone is dyed and matched to the design specifications at the factory where it will be package and shipped for installation.

Patented Resin is Delivered

1. Step

Our patented resin is delivered to the job site.

Quartz Stones Packaged

2. Step

Quartz stones are packaged in paper and shipped to site. The colored stones are then mixed to specs on-site.

Mixing The Materials

3. Step

After the stones are mixed to match color they are then loaded into the mixer.

Mixer Combines the Perfect Amound of Resin

4. Step

The mixer combines the perfect amount of resin with rocks ready to be spread on the floor.

Spreading the Mixture by Hand

5. Step

The workers then begin to spread the mixture on the floor by hand.

Troweling the Stone

6. Step

The workers then trowel the stone to the desired 3/8″ thickness.

Continuing Hand Troweling the Stone

7. Step

Continuing to hand trowel the system gets the floor ready for the final hover trowel.

Hover Troweling the System

8. Step

The hover trowel closes and tightens the StoneCarpet® system to complete the installation process.

Floor Ready to Walk On

9. Step

After only 12 hours the floor is ready to walk on, 7 days later the floor reaches its optimal hardness.

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