What is


Stonecarpet is not really carpet, although it gets its name from having the soft appearance of carpet. Stonecarpet is made from actual, all natural, mined quartz from ancient river beds. The stones are 2 to 3 millimeters in size and have been screened for size and shape before they are permanently dyed and ready for installation. An unlimited number of colors are available to be combined for complex designs, borders, logos and other graphics to be used in your floor. Because Stone carpet is made from quarts, it is extraordinarily strong and will virtually last forever.


What do our customers say?

Who chooses Stonecarpet?

Stonecarpet is a perfect alternative to other flooring solutions such as carpet, concrete, tile, etc. Stonecarpet is extensively used in motorcycle and automobile showrooms across the nation. Used by architects and interior designers worldwide, Stonecarpet creates a very unique floor covering in office lobbies and entryways, reception areas, meeting rooms or any new construction flooring needs.

Why use Stonecarpet?

Stonecarpet is an all natural, extremely durable, slip resistant and seamless flooring alternative that is more affordable and easier to maintain than other flooring choices. Stonecarpet is kept clean by simply dry vauuming on a regular basis, and a hot water extraction cleaning once a year. Because Stonecarpet is made of thousands of small quartz crystals, Stonecarpet will last virtually forever and is guaranteed for life.