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    stoneCarpet flooring
    natural colored quartz

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    stoneCarpet designs
    unlimited possibilities

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    stoneCarpet flooring
    extremely comfortable

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    stoneCarpet flooring
    natural colored quartz

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    stoneCarpet designs
    unlimited possibilitiess

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    stoneCarpet flooring
    extremely comfortable

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soft enough for a baby to crawl on, strong enough for all traffic

StoneCarpet® is a decorative, commercial, interior floor system

High quality pigments, precisely selected sizing, environmentally sound purification processes, manufacturers' certification, and qualified installation will ensure the success of your flooring investment. StoneCarpet stands by its customers through every step, from the beginning blueprints to the final handshake.

Flexibility Of Design For Architects And Interior Designers

StoneCarpet is an all natural, extremely durable, slip resistant and seamless flooring alternative that is more affordable and easier to maintain than other flooring choices. StoneCarpet is kept clean by simply dry vacuuming on a regular basis, and a hot water extraction cleaning once a year.

StoneCarpet Flooring

StoneCarpet® benefits

  • Virtually unlimited design capabilities
  • Customized colors for the project
  • Acoustics unlike any other hard surface product
  • No puddling from spills, melted snow, etc.
  • Safe... slip-resistant
  • Highly resistant to chemicals & stains
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Installation by trained craftsmen
  • ADA Compliant

highest quality pigments

Colors are blended to create a "custom" color on practically every project. Special colorations can be created with the assistance of your representative. StoneCarpet® is composed of 2-3 millimeter sized individual quartz stones, mined from what were once natures river beds. These stones are screened many times for size, shape and quality, then washed and processed to meet our requirements. Then they are colored with the highest quality pigments in a computer-controlled process and monitored to assure constant color reliability.

Manufactured with specifications to achieve the highest quality product technologically available..not one, two, or three screenings of quartz stones, but actually eight different screens are used during the process of eliminating undesirable stones in order to obtain optimum size, shape and quality. The results are magnified in a finish of luster and beauty most pleasing to the eye.

Quartz Office Floor

read what others are saying

My customers are always commenting on it. They say it is beautiful and that it feels comfortable when they walk on it. We have installed StoneCarpet in two of our showrooms and absolutely love it. Joe Kightlinger Kightlinger Auto Group, Coudersport, Pennsylvania

StoneCarpet was installed in St. Mary’s Church in 2007 after carefully weighing all the factors. They were cost, acoustics, safety, longevity and ease of maintenance. On all points, StoneCarpet scored high and it still continues to to provide these benefits. We couldn’t be more satisfied with our selection of StoneCarpet. Bob Roberts St. Mary's Church, St. Mary's, Pennsylvania

We’ve selected StoneCarpet three times. First, we had the Harley-Davidson showroom done and we were so impressed that we had StoneCarpet installed in our Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Harley-Davidson showroom. The floor has lived up to everything we were promised. Mr. Dile Brown Harley-Davidson, Knoxville, TN

easy to maintain

StoneCarpet® provides an impressive advantage on after-care maintenance costs. Routine maintenance is accomplished by simple dry vacuuming. Easy overall cleaning by hot water extraction is recommended and programmed maintenance is based on conditions and requirements. After cleaning, the flooring is immediately accessible to traffic. A full line of maintenance products are available. No unnecessary drying time; fully restored to its previous appearance. StoneCarpet is the obvious choice for retail stores, auto showrooms, health-care facilities, museums, art galleries, churches, offices and public areas.

Quartz Flooring Design

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Through color and design, Stonecarpet® can achieve a look which lends itself in a natural way to complement products in a showroom environment rather than distract from them. Accepted as a standard flooring treatment in Europe for over 40 years, Stonecarpet is no newcomer to the international flooring industry. Numerous tests conclude that the beauty of this natural product is second only to its ability to retain its appearance level, reduce maintenance costs and resist staining on an everyday basis. Competitively priced with a variety of conventional flooring treatments, Stonecarpet introduces a sense of intrigue with its unexpected acoustics and "soft" walk; a noticeable departure from traditional flooring. YOUR FASHION-ORIENTED CHOICE OF THE FUTURE