Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is StoneCarpet® easy to clean?

Yes! A vacuum cleaner is all you need to keep it clean on a regular basis. An annual steam extraction is recommended.

2. How strong are the stones, do they damage easily?

StoneCarpet® is comprised of 2-3 mm sized quartz stones, an extremely hard stone by all measurements, which results in a extremely durable flooring, very resistant to damage.

3. Where else can I use StoneCarpet®?

StoneCarpet® can be installed in hotels, casino’s, libraries, museums, airports, offices or anywhere you desire an attractive, durable, easy to maintain flooring.

4. Are the stones slippery at all?

Whether wet or dry our StoneCarpet® flooring when tested is well beyond the requirements for the American Disability Ad.

5. How much will it cost me to install StoneCarpet®

Every install is different, but to give you an idea of how much it will cost to install <?php echo $comp_name; ?> in your space, please contact us and get an instant estimate of the cost involved. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

6. I am asthmatic, is StoneCarpet® suitable?

If you are asthmatic, look no further. Dust mites cannot live in the floor. Also, the pores in our floors will store settled, free flying dust. This means the dust is not being stirred up into the air when the floor is walked on. The dust can then easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

7. Can I custom design my own floor?

Absolutely. We can create almost any design from corporate logos to abstract works of art.

8. How long after installation can I walk on my StoneCarpet® floor?

The floors can be walked on 6-8 hours after installation, this figure is dependent on room temperature and relative humidity, which will determine drying time.

9. Where does StoneCarpet® originate from?

StoneCarpet® was created more than 40 years ago in the Netherlands. It has grown to be a very popular range of flooring throughout Europe, North America and New Zealand.