Stone Colors

All the quartz stone is dyed and matched to the design specifications at the factory where it will be package and shipped for installation.

Below is a chart showing the colors available

SC-21 Berry Red
SC-10 Antracite
SC-51 Hemisphere
SC-73 Honeycomb
SC-75 Rustic Wood
SC-23 Candy Apple
SC-79 Cordovan
SC-32 Chrome
SC-31 Cool Ore
SC-55 Denim
SC-41 Turf
SC-53 Laser Blue
SC-71 Linen
SC-57 Midnite Haze
SC-25 Mandarin
SC-35 Pearl
SC-45 Planter Green
SC-22 Red Silk
SC-43 Sherwood Green
SC-33 Sliver Moon
SC-34 Smoke
SC-77 Khaki Quartz
SC-47 Ocean Foam
SC-61 Parakeet