A flooring solution with a long history

Stonecarpet Flooring Inc. marketed the Stonecarpet flooring product more than 32 years ago to bring a unique, natural quartz stone flooring system to the United States. The concept for this product was originally developed in western Europe, where it has been used for the past 40 years, primarily as a commercial flooring system, but also as a residential floor covering.

Research in the U.S. market indicated a high level of acceptance for the product due to factors such as function, wearability and aesthetics. Its unique decorative character and unmatched design flexibility were also seen as distinct advantages.

Now, our Stonecarpet floors are used throughout the United States. They are perfect for automobile and powersports showrooms, retail stores and shopping malls, hotels and casinos, churches, offices and lobbies, municipal builds, museums and other public areas.

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Through color and design, Stonecarpet® can achieve a look which lends itself in a natural way to complement products in a showroom environment rather than distract from them. Accepted as a standard flooring treatment in Europe for over 40 years, Stonecarpet is no newcomer to the international flooring industry. Numerous tests conclude that the beauty of this natural product is second only to its ability to retain its appearance level, reduce maintenance costs and resist staining on an everyday basis. Competitively priced with a variety of conventional flooring treatments, Stonecarpet introduces a sense of intrigue with its unexpected acoustics and "soft" walk; a noticeable departure from traditional flooring. YOUR FASHION-ORIENTED CHOICE OF THE FUTURE