Who chooses Stonecarpet?

Ideal for retail stores
Motorcycle Showrooms
New Car/Truck Dealerships
Office and Business

Designers, Architects, Churches, Libraries and many other business choose Stonecarpet for their preferred flooring solution. All these different venues have one thing in common and that is a need for detail, color and longevity. Stonecarpet exceeds all of these expectations.

Because Stonecarpet floors are an “open” system, they are visually designed to your exact specifications. An unlimited number of color combinations are available. Complex designs, borders, logos and other graphics can easily be incorporated into the floor’s design. Your floor will literally become a work of art. Even if no designs or graphics are incorporated, a simple mix of complementary colors can yield a breathtaking appearance. We work with your architect or interior designer to create the perfect floor: Colors are chosen and mixed in the correct proportions to create a unique appearance. Inset designs, such as logos and graphics, are planned into the overall presentation. The result is a floor that is truly unique and one of a kind.

By combining the dyed crystals, an unlimited number of colors can be matched to your project.