What exactly is Stonecarpet?

Our story started nearly four eons ago, when you and I were just bacteria swimming in a muddy pool. The earth’s surface was in chaos. Turmoil. Volcanoes thundered non-stop, spewing hot magma. Continent-sized plates of the earth’s crust, miles thick, grinded against each other. Mighty mountains lept up and then were crushed back into oblivion. This is where we began. This is the birthplace of Stonecarpet.

One of the best features of installation is how quickly the floor can be prepared and Stonecarpet laid down. In most cases, the quickness of installation can be performed over a weekend or just a few days, reducing the amount of time that your facility might be out of commission. Rocks are delivered on-site, mixed to the correct color formula and combined with our patented resin. The resulting mix of rock and resin is poured onto the floor, leveled and set. Within 24 hours, you can walk on the floor and complete curing happens within seven days.

When it comes to picking the ideal solid surface floor material for your new building construction or renovation, Stonecarpet is the perfect option for elegance, durability and beauty. Compare us to other flooring alternatives and you will see why our clients speak so highly of Stonecarpet. You see, it is the science of Stonecarpet that makes our product such a clear choice. It lasts virtually forever, with minimal maintenance. It is nearly slip-free, perfect for high traffic areas, especially when people walk in from the outdoors. And it makes everything sitting on top of it look positively beautiful. See for yourself at our online gallery.

Quartz Crystals are crushed to exacting standards and are dyed a myriad of colors to then be used in our unique flooring system.